Simple Steps to Take Your Helping Professions Business Online

I help those who make a positive difference in the world to grow their confidence in using online technology so they can reach a wider audience and build a brilliant business. If you would like help with the strategy, the technology, the marketing and the mindset of taking your business online, you’re in the right place.

I can help you.....

Leverage your time and have a bigger Impact

If you are delivering 1-2-1 solutions and feel there aren't enough hours in the week, online solutions can help you leverage your time and reach a wider audience.

You are an expert in your topic but when it comes to the technology to market and grow your business, you're not sure where to start. I'll help you explore the options, understand the technology and implement a strategy that works for you.

Less chaos, more income

Often we find ourselves repeating ideas and techniques time and time again to all our clients? You could boost your productivity, income and work/life balance with a clear and effective online strategy.

I'll help you simplify your processes and implement a strategy that creates a financially viable business. I provide the support and clarity you need so you can work smarter not harder.

Build A Successful Business

You are doing exceptional work. People in the helping professions change lives. The world needs you and you are deserving of success.

Together we'll turn your expertise into online solutions that wow your customers, and support you to build the confidence you need to implement them. It's time to stop hiding, find your voice and finally build the business you've always dreamt about.

"In just 1 month of working with Zoe my Facebook reach went up by 3000%, she gave me the confidence and permission I needed to be me. Thank you Zoe"

How I can help....

Build It Brilliant Blueprint

Buy the Book
Build It Brilliant Blueprint

The book gives you 4 simple steps to taking your business online, it's a framework, a blueprint you can use to build your brilliant business. If you're not sure where to start, struggling with how to price things or market your business, this book will give you so many light-bulb moments and insights.
Launching w/c 5th April. Available in print and e-book format

AMA video example image

Ask Me Anything videos

Ever had a million little questions about online stuff and don't know who to ask? Ask me!!! My AMA is a wonderful way of tapping into my expertise for free.

Imagine sitting opposite someone who has been there, overcome the hurdles and is a self-confessed tech geek....what would you ask?
The AMA is my opportunity to serve you, to listen, get to you know you and to help.

Zoe Thompson - Online Training Expert

The Academy
and BiB membership

The Academy is a growing provision of courses, resources and downloads. You can purchase the exact one you want or join my membership.

The membership is an opportunity to join a safe space where you can grow in confidence and receive ongoing regular support from me. Oh and you save money with member discounts on all my other services too!!!

Project Consultancy

If you know your strategy, you know what you want to create, you just want someone to help you create it, a consultant to support you every step of the way to ensure your project is implemented and successful, book a discovery call with me and let's get started.

I've helped a chiropractor clinic implement an online induction and an expert turn her physical course into online programmes.

For 15 years Zoe has been dedicated to connecting with people and supporting them to grow, learn and develop.

She’s designed 100s of courses and programmes for a variety of companies, supported 100s of people overcome their anxiety and spent years polishing the art of service. 

Zoe prides herself on not selling you her solution but helping you to build the business of your dreams. She’s not afraid to take leaps of faith and her zest for life constantly inspires and energises others.

Who do I help....

Health Professionals

- Physiotherapists - Chiropractors - Osteopaths


- Psychotherapists - Counsellors - Nutritional Therapists - Hypnotherapists

Qualified Coaches

- NLP Practitioners - Yoga teachers - Qualified transformation coaches

Work with an online learning and marketing expert who understands the importance of protecting the therapeutic alliance and delivering authentic service.