Hi, I'm Zoe,

I help therapists, coaches, and health professionals build brilliant online businesses.

I’ve been a private therapist since 2011… and I found private practice exhausting! Not only did working on a 1:1 basis totally wear me out, it was also really restrictive.

I became a ‘helping professional’ because I wanted to help people—way more people than I was able to reach by offering hourly sessions. I wanted to have a much, much bigger impact on the world.

You too? Amazing! I love working with people who show up to serve others.
I decided to build a more sustainable business after suffering from burnout (and having to borrow money to pay the mortgage, despite all my hard work). 

I’m here to teach you how to do the same.

Zoe Thompson - Online Training Expert

Before becoming a therapist, I spent 10 years gaining skills, knowledge, and expertise in e-learning as a Learning and Development consultant.

I used this experience to help my first clients generate more than £25,000 in revenue!

That’s when I knew that my down-to-earth entrepreneurial advice, support, and encouragement is what other therapists (just like you) need to create courses that take your business to the next level.

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“Working with Zoe was just what I needed to get my online course off the ground. I was able to shortcut lots of research as she’d done it all for us. I have now created my very own wellbeing course that’s selling well and, more importantly, helping people.”
Marie Paterson


Zoe Thompson, founder of Build It Brilliant Ltd, is an online tech lover who helps therapists, coaches, and health professionals build brilliant businesses with profit and purpose. Through her work with hundreds of clients, she’s seen firsthand that creating a business based on sound strategy and simple solutions is key to building a sustainable business that helps you make a real difference in the world.

With her down-to-earth entrepreneurial advice, support, and encouragement—as well as her 10+ years of experience—you can finally take your ‘helping’ business to the next level. 

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