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You’re not alone!

I’ve been a private therapist since 2011 and I specialised in helping professionals to overcome anxiety, stress and chronic pain. For many years of my private practise I struggled and came to the same conclusion as you probably have.  

I tried to fit into the therapist mould, to run my practise in the way I thought I ‘should’, you know, ‘find 121 clients and build a thriving practise via word of mouth’. It was exhausting! And restrictive.

I wanted to make a bigger impact, to reach more people. I needed to build a better, more sustainable business.

One day I reached burn out. Despite all my hard work, I had to borrow money to pay the mortgage.

That was the turning point. I knew something had to change.

Zoe Thompson - Online Training Expert

In that moment of despair, something clicked. I made a connection between my skills as a therapist and the skills I’d gained in my 10 years working as a Learning and Development consultant, creating online courses and programmes for multinational companies where I specialised in e-learning.

Having helped numerous colleagues and clients in the helping professions industry to generate revenue in excess of £25,000, I decided to apply my extensive experience of generating income through creating online content, products and e-courses to the world of therapy and consulting businesses.

I made some radical changes in my own business. I created a blogging for therapists course, supported other therapists/consultants to design online courses and helped a private clinic design an online induction programme.

As a result I found my calling and felt the elation that comes from helping others to build their dreams. Not only that but I now have the time, and money, to treat myself to a luxury spa day.

If you too are ready to make a bigger difference in the world and explore the possibilities of online solutions within your business, I can help in the following ways…….

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Zoe Thompson - Online Training Expert

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"Thank you for the course. It helped to demystify the process and gave me the self-belief that I could do this. "
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