Want to take your helping profession business online but don't know where to start?

The Blueprint makes it clear and easy.

Webinar Date: Jan 27 | Time: 7-8pm GMT


Online technology gives us wonderful opportunities to reach a wider audience and support our clients with resources and products but how do you get started?

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NOTE: You will receive the most benefit from attending the webinar live so you can ask me questions and take part

but if you absolutely cannot I will be recording the webinar and sending it out to all those who signed up.

"You made what I thought an extremely complicated subject very simple.

There’s plenty to focus on from the content you gave us."  

Maeve Brown, Physiotherapist

In this webinar I will share with you the biggest mistakes therapists/those in the helping professions make when they set about utilising online solutions and provide you with the Build It 'Blueprint’.


This model will enable you to maximise the potential of creating income through online products, programmes and courses.

Once you understand this blueprint you will:

- understand how you can stand out from the crowd

- understand how to make pricing decisions for your products/courses.

- create a structure which leads to achieving your goals.

- avoid system overwhelm