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Marketing Techniques how to get more clients: Blonde lady typing on a keyboard

Marketing techniques: how to get more clients

I have a number of people asking me different marketing technique questions and/or having problems with getting more clients, so I want to tackle some of the main issues within this AMA video/blog for you.  Marketing Techniques: How to identify your ideal client The first point is around identifying your

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How to Turn your Knowledge into Recurring Income

How to turn knowledge into recurring income In this blog I’m going to give you some examples of how you can turn your knowledge into recurring income. How I turn knowledge into recurring income I have been creating all sorts of products and programs and courses and all those things for a lot of years so

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Pricing cheap vs expensive

Pricing Too Cheap vs Too Expensive How do you price yourself and do you worry about being too cheap or too expensive? Don’t want to be too cheap because people won’t see it as quality, or people won’t value it? Don’t be too expensive because my audience will not buy from me and I won’t

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Things to consider before building an online course

Things to consider before building an online course I have seen so many people dive into building an online course and they are quite resource heavy; it takes you quite a while to build said course and create it. So, if you haven’t kind of considered what you’re going to create you end up creating something that

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Conversion Rates the reality

Conversion Rates: The reality In this video/article I am going to share with you the reality of conversion and attracting clients. A couple of times this week people have asked me questions related to the fact that they don’t have enough clients coming into their business and I’ve been asking them ‘what are

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