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Feeling alone and trying to work everything out yourself is exhausting and we’re not always our own best motivator!!! The BiB Membership is a safe space, with like-minded people, where you can create a cohesive plan, receive support and encouragement and be held accountable so things actually get done. All the details are below. 

Overall Membership Concept

The BiB (Build it Brilliant) membership is a community of therapists and wellbeing professionals who together make a huge positive difference in the world.

Providing an opportunity to discover your authentic voice and what makes you stand out from the crowd, a place where you can explore how to turn your expertise into amazing online courses, products or programmes which you are excited and ready to share with the world.

I want to give you access to coaching and expertise which would normally cost a high price, ensure they’re suitable for the service industry and give them to you at a low cost with HUGE value.

They'll be....

Strategy Masterclass - elated man

Who Is this For?

Qualified professionals who are looking to harness the opportunities of online technology to build a brilliant business which feels authentic and exciting for them and their customers.

Those who don’t want someone to sell them their solution, instead they what someone to support them to build their own. People who are looking for help, not just with the technology but with the mindset and the marketing to.

People who:

  • Feel exhausted by 1-2-1 work and dream of a better work/life balance.
  • Are nervous about online technology and want a safe space to improve their confidence.
  • Feel like they’re shouting into the abyss when it comes to marketing and want to learn a better way to attract clients.
  • Have trained in a new skill and aren’t sure how to integrate that and create a cohesive business.
  • Have ideas for courses, products and programmes but need help making them a reality.

How will the Membership Change my Business?

Strategy Masterclass -Exciting female

You will build a strategy that works for you, that allows you the flexibility you want whilst harnessing your expertise and turn that into a sustainable business.

You will be able to make a bigger contribution to your clients and to those who would benefit from your services.

You will find that your thoughts and ideas are important and learn how you can harness them into amazing products, courses and content.

Supporting you to thrive, not just survive.

How we'll do it...

I’ll build the Build It Brilliant Academy where members will have exclusive access to resources so they can build their brilliant business.

I’ll be creating courses, videos, downloads and swipe files to help you implement the Blueprint effectively.

I’ll have guest expert content and masterclasses covering a range of topics and (I’ll) ensure these are relevant to the therapy/wellbeing industry.

I’ll keep everything practical, implementable and structured so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You’ll (also) have access to the full AMA Library, organised in the Blueprint Structure.

You’ll (also) have access to high impact coaching opportunities

Together we’ll build an exclusive, closed membership community where we’ll share our journey and support each other, celebrating our successes and overcoming the hurdles together.

1 more client per month and the membership will pay for itself!!

Do you think that with strategy, marketing, business building expertise and a supportive community by your side we could achieve that?

Enter your details into the box opposite to join the waiting list for the membership.

There is a way to harness your expertise, whilst staying true to yourself, provide amazing customer service and achieve the financial/time freedom you want. 

I’ve designed the Membership to offer you step by step support so you can make this a reality for your business.