Zoe Thompson

Business Strategist – e-learning Expert – Mindset Specialist – Entrepreneur. Available for:

Expert Comment * Radio and Podcast Interviews * Case Study Features * Q&As * Women in Business Profiles * Speaking and Talk Opportunities

Meet the Speaker

Zoe’s 15-year career has been dedicated to connecting with people and supporting them to grow, learn and develop.


In 2020 Zoe set up Build it Brilliant Ltd so support people in the helping professions to use online technology strategically, to simplify, automate and grow their private practices. This is a combination of her expertise from a degree in Business & Finance, 10 years designing e-learning for multinational companies and another 10 years of building her own private practice.


Zoe is a tech geek with a big heart who helps people who make a difference in the world to work smarter, not harder by defining an effective strategy and teaching them how to deliver it using simple technology. From booking and email systems to online courses, memberships and products, there is no limit to Zoe’s creative technical expertise. If you, or your audience, want help to market themselves effectively or build recurring income, Zoe can help.


Zoe set up a company with £750 and turned it into a full-time career, she built herself an office out of wooden pallets and she learnt to ride a motorbike at 34 years old. Throughout her life Zoe has taken leaps of faith and learnt what it’s like to feel the fear and do it anyway. Her can do attitude, zest for life and authentic nature inspire others to do the same. Build it Brilliant Ltd isn’t just about technology, Zoe uses her therapeutic skills to nurture her clients, helping them grow in confidence every step of the way.

Zoe at SIRPA Conference 2017

Feedback from previous sessions

Zoe Speaker Feedback
Zoe Speaker Feedback

Topics and talks

These topics are from previous talks I have delivered. However, I have 10 years of experience designing training/talks so if you would like to discuss alternative ideas for your audience please get in touch. 

I’m available for speaking opportunities, talks and interviews on the following specialisms.

  • Promoting yourself online with confidence
  • Effective online strategy for your business
  • Taking the leap and setting up a business
  • Creating online products, courses and memberships
  • Marketing a service/helping professions business
  • Turning your knowledge into recurring revenue
  • Overcoming fear and setbacks
  • Motivation for solopreneurs
  • Stress resilience as a business owner
  • Work/life balance in business
  • Writing and self-publishing a book

Previous Experience

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