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5 mindset hacks to help you step out of your comfort zone

I was having a conversation with somebody this week and they were asking me about the mindset behind being able to step out of your comfort zone and being able to make a decision and step away from something you don’t feel that’s right for you and step into something new. They asked if there was anything from my experience that i could share that would really help with doing that.

So, I sat, and I thought about it, and I came up with five things which I think are key, or really important, or the way that I particularly perceive something, or that I have a mindset about. Something which I thought were really useful and then I thought that would make a good AMA video.

Three times in my life I have revolutionised my life changing my job drastically. I’m also one for taking on projects so, I built myself an office out of pallets, I learned to ride a motorbike at 34, I bought a house and did it up in six weeks and rented it out, and so I’m known for taking on crazy projects.

In this article/video I’m going to share with you five things that I think are important, are key, or the way that I do something to step outside my comfort zone with ease and confidence.

Stepping outside my own comfort zone

Life revolution 1

When I left university I started working for Marriott International. I ended up being the restaurant manager. I had 27 members of staff managing 150-seater restaurant and I was also the training officer for the hotel.  Towards the end I would be doing a training course nine till five and then at six o’clock I’d be in the restaurant for evening service. I might finish sort of twelve, half twelve.

I did that for a few years. I was also in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, we’d been together for nine years. I had a house in Huntingdon near Cambridge and that was the first time that I revolutionised my life.

I ended the relationship, I quit the house, quit the job and I distinctly remember driving up the M6 with all my worldly belongings packed in a car and moving back in with my mum and dad.

Life revolution 2

Next time that I revolutionised my life, fast forward a few years, I was working for O2 as a Learning and Development Consultant. I had a particular specialism in in e-learning and again I’ve been doing that for quite a few years. I decided to leave and set up my business, Refreshed Minds, and I set that up with £750.

At the time people were saying that I should wait for redundancy or that I was crazy or brave or all these kinds of things and it felt like the right time and the right thing to do so that was the second time.

Life revolution 3

The last time was just before the pandemic, so March 2020. I set up Build It Brilliant, bringing together my knowledge from e-learning and my knowledge as a therapist into helping other people in the helping professions to take their businesses online.

I’ve been doing that for the last year and as well as many other projects.

So, what have I learned over that time about taking leaps of faith? Or, what is it about my mindset that helps me and enables me to be able to take those leaps of faith?

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Mindset Hack #1

I don’t fear having nothing.  I think it was probably back in the Marriott days, at some point I thought, ‘do you know what if I leave all of this and I literally have nothing, you know I still have friends I still have family and I’d still have a place to go.’

I realised that I’m not a materialistic person I don’t place value in materialistic things so fast forwards to now I have more assets I have more things but I don’t fear losing them because I think if I lost them all, I still have a wonderful group of friends and a wonderful family. I’d end up sleeping on somebody’s sofa but I’d be okay with that and I’d just rebuild my life and who knows that rebuild would probably be better than what I had before.

So, I have no fear over having nothing. I haven’t got a niggle inside saying I would never have nothing because I would have friends and have family and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Everything else above that is a bonus.

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Mindset Hack #2

The next mindset hack is an interesting one. I see all human beings as equals.

I know quite a few people get over-faced when they’re asked to do something, but I don’t mind delivering a workshop or chatting to people, or being involved in things even if i feel that is above me. If people in the room have achieved more than me, it doesn’t matter to me, because they are just human like everyone else.

All humans want the same things they want to feel purposeful, they want to feel valued, they want to feel love and connection, so you know I don’t care that they have a little bit more money in the bank or that they have achieved certain things. I just think well they’re just another human being just like me.

I think that enables me to talk to people, to ask questions, to say yes to things, and to not stress too much about those things.

When I’m walking into a room and I’m going to give a talk of some sort, I just see it as a room of people just like me, equal to me, nobody’s any better than me, nobody knows more than me, we just know different things and have different experiences.

That means that I can enter into a relationship of connection and sharing rather than thinking, ‘oh god I’m going to put this video out and people are going to hate me or judge me or they are better than me’ or all those kinds of things.

I have this true value that I see all human beings as equal just human, and I think that’s really helped me along the way to make some decisions because it frees me from the pressure and the stress that comes with that.

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Mindset Hack #3

The third one is I really don’t think about these things too much,

I think the more that you think about these decisions the more you realise there’s a mountain to climb or all the steps that are in place the more you procrastinate, the more you don’t do them.

If we take the building of my studio office for example, we were having a barbecue the wine and the beer were flowing. I used shared office space at the time I was talking about how it frustrates me because I must pack up all my gear and then the next session reset up all my gear and it was getting a bit frustrating and how it would be great if I had my own office space.

Then we started talking about how and where we would create the office space and came up with the whole studio office out of palettes idea. Then it was, where would we get the palettes from, what would it look like, you know…….and before we’d finish the BBQ it was all set up and we were starting on Tuesday.

So, I really don’t, and I even think way back to the O2 decision, I really didn’t think about all the things that it takes to set up a business because, call it naivety if you like, but I think all that information is just too much and it makes you not want to make the choice.

I connect more with my heart and my instincts, something inside me said that that’s what I should be doing and I had a real connection with making that move so I just made it.

I think this also relates to my next mindset hack.

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Mindset Hack #4

I do believe in, whatever you want to call it, universal energy, or mindset of visualization, or higher power etc.

I do genuinely believe that.  People say I have a sunny disposition and I don’t, I have a mindset that I’ve worked on for years that everything will work out in the end.

I’ve made these tough decisions yes it’s been tough, yes it has genuinely been the hardest thing that I’ve ever done but it all works out in the wash. Everything!!! It all works out in the end and I’m a true believer that it will. No matter what happens it’ll be for the right reasons, and you will learn so much from it and everything will come together okay.

I believe that the right people will be involved in projects. I believe that if I put something out there then the right people will connect with that and yes that means that sometimes I’ve put things together, I put a workshop together and like two people have turned up, things like that, but I just have this genuine deep-down belief to keep going and you’ll get there, and it will work out in the end.

I think this supports me in making those choices because I just believe that it’s all going to be okay, it’s all going to be fine, the kind of universe has got my back in some way shape or form. This helps with the overthinking as well, I think because I just sit there and say okay this is going to be an adventure, it’s going to be a project, it’s going to be interesting, it will all be worth it, it’ll turn out well in the end.

Stepping outside your comfort zone: Mindset Hack #5

Then the last one is I have daily things that I do that promote my parasympathetic nervous system.

When I was releasing my book this year, it was released in April, there were lots of fear thoughts and feelings going on. I recognise what my body does when I’m in that fight or flight response, I was feeling quite jittery, quite unsettled and I was feeling quite fearful, apprehensive all these kinds of things. I have lots of things in my tool kit that promote my parasympathetic nervous system.

If I’m going to go and take on a project then I up the amount of those things that I do. When I was writing and publishing my book I alternated between yoga and running in the morning.

I have a mindset of mindfulness whilst doing them, so I try and stay in the moment as much as I can. I’m not anticipating the future, I’m not relying on the past but being there in the present. I love barefoot walking getting my shoes and socks off and going for a walk around the local park. I love doing self-hypnosis, anything that’s going to relax my system turn off that fight or flight and get me back to rest and digest.

I do these things throughout the day so I might take a few deep breaths, I use affirmations quite a lot, I’m reading those and reinforcing my mindset. I do lots of things throughout the day to make sure that I’m resettling my system and that tells me that I can do these fearful or scary things and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do them it means that that’s excitement and that you should be doing it.

You just need to manage the levels of excitement that you feel.


So, those are the five things that I think really support me in making these choices and going forth and stepping out of me comfort zone.

  • I don’t fear having nothing it doesn’t matter. I have a wonderful support network around me, no matter what happens, they will be there and I will have a roof over my head and get fed. Even if it’s somebody else’s house.
  • I see all humans as equal and just the same as me.
  • I don’t overthink, I don’t really think too much about these things, I tap into more my gut feeling and my heart energy and just kind of you know, I make the decisions that I know are right for me and don’t really overthink it.
  • I have a mindset of supported by the universal energy in some way, whatever language you want to call, this feeling that it’ll all work out in the end, and everything will turn good eventually. Just kind of crack on and keep going.
  • Make sure that you have daily activities that enable you to resettle your system down again and again and again and again throughout the day.


I hope that has helped and I hope you found this this article/video useful.

Best wishes on your own stepping out of your comfort zone, no matter what that is, whether that’s, doing your own first live video, or creating a course, or quitting a job. No matter what it is I hope you can take something from this that will help you to go forwards.


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