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How to make an ebook in Canva

I was asked how you make an ebook to download and how I would do that.

In the video I show you how to use Canva. Are there any pros and cons to using one or the other? I don’t think so, I think it’s personal preference, there are different templates in Powerpoint than there are in Canva, so it’s a case of looking at the templates and seeing which ones you like.

When I did the previous video Canva didn’t have as many options and templates it’s an area that they’ve really developed so I feel like now is a good time to show you who to create a PDF using Canva so you can make a good choice over what you might use.

Watch the video to see a full walk through of the process on Canva.

Step 1: Finding a Template for your PDF in Canva

Click on create a design and search ‘booklet’. Click to create a booklet.

From here there will be a number of templates on the left you can choose from.

If you have Canva pro you’ll have a lot more templates to choose from but there are a number of free ones you can use.

You aren’t necessarily looking for colours because we can change the colours to our branded colours, we’re looking at the design of the pages and if we like them. Under each one it will tell you how many pages the template has.

Using templates is a really quick way of designing something that looks really professional, and has all the graphic sections, without you having to go to the hassle of creating it all yourself.

Step 2: Editing your template to match your branding

Once you have chosen the template you would like to use click on it.

You can then edit the background colour, you can edit the text, use your brand font, you can edit the pictures etc. Just click on each element and choose the relevant colour from the top bar, font, size etc. It’s easy to edit the text to, just click on it and type what you want it to say.

You can also change the position of any image or text by clicking off it, then back on so you get the edges highlighted and then dragging it around. Sometimes it’s a bit of a pain to do this but you get used to it when you have a play.

Step 3: How to find your brand HEX numbers

It’s useful to have the unique #hex numbers for each of your brand colours so you can make your ebook look professionals and in line with your brand.

For this I use a Chrome extension called eyedropper for chrome. Google search and download this. Once downloaded you will have a symbol on your top bar and if you click on it and hover over any website it will tell you the Hex number.

Top tip for amazing ebook design

Most people when they start with designing online content/products begin by thinking about the information customer wants, and then write that.

The challenge with this is that you end up with a document that doesn’t have any heart, it’s a list of information with no personality. It’s not engaging for the reader.

Instead put yourself in your customer’s shoes and design it as if you were talking to them, make them feel involved in what it is that you’re presenting.

Many people also forget to add a very clear Call to Action. The next step you want people to take should be super clear.

To see how I incorporate these tips into the design of an ebook, click and watch the video.

Step 4: Download your ebook as a PDF

Once you are happy with how your ebook looks you can then click Share, Download, choose PDF as your file type and download. You now have your PDF ebook ready to share.

If you want to know how to then share this PDF with your audience, I show you how to do that in this video: How to share a PDF/Ebook via Autoresponder

I hope that has helped and you’ve enjoyed the video. I will see you next time for the next one.



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