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How to turn knowledge into recurring income

In this blog I’m going to give you some examples of how you can turn your knowledge into recurring income.

How I turn knowledge into recurring income

I have been creating all sorts of products and programs and courses and all those things for a lot of years so it comes quite easily to me. I have a creative mind so whenever I meet somebody my brain is already ticking with loads of ideas and thoughts about what they could do and how they could do it.

But, I appreciate that this is my zone of genius and not necessarily yours, so quite a few people look at what I do with Build it Brilliant and think, I don’t know how that would be relevant for me.

So, I wanted to take two different helping professions businesses and share with you my thoughts in terms of how I could creatively come up with ways that they could create recurring income for that particular business.

Hopefully, this will show you how you could do it for your business.

I’m going to choose two different businesses and let my brain percolate on ideas of how they could turn their knowledge into recurring income.

Recurring Income for a Yoga Teacher

So, let’s think about a yoga teacher, they could:

Create videos of classes, so you do your classes online, but again that’s still sort of one to one, you have to sell the class and get people there. If you wanted to automate that you could do it where you record the videos in advance and then schedule them so that people come along but you’ve already created them so then you could be off in the Bahamas having a holiday and your students could be still access a yoga class.

I’m also thinking about what kind of expertise have you got with yoga? You could teach the philosophy of yoga for example. You could create a little book all about the philosophy of yoga, why it’s good for you, what the benefits are for doing yoga.

You could do a little course about beginners’ yoga for people that have never done it before. You could do a little sort of mini-series (e.g. 3 videos over 3 days) to get people interested in yoga who’ve never done it before.

You could do a little package where you team up with somebody else and do something around yoga for pain or yoga for pregnancy or yoga for, I don’t know, sleeping etc.

It might also be nice if you got a couple of people together and created a course that you share the revenue for.

You could also do affiliate schemes so you can sell mats and blocks and clothing and all sorts of yoga related things and get an affiliate fee for all of those purchases.

All of those are just off the top of my head there’s definitely more.

Recurring Income for a Counsellor

What about somebody who does something that’s more of a talking therapy? How do we turn a talking therapy into courses and products and recurring income?

So, let’s think about a counselling service and let’s say you like working with people through the grief process.

You could create a video that introduces them to the concept of grief and the steps of grief.

You could create a little recurring series that’s almost like a little motivational thing every day for 90 days to get them through that first 90 days. You could record them all and then have them as a recurring thing that people can sign up to. They could then gift it to a friend or relative if they they’ve been grieving. So many people don’t know what to say so this could be a lovely thing they could do for someone who is grieving.

If you’re a counsellor you’ve had training for three years, even more, so you could definitely do a knowledge course about a certain thing. Things like the relationship between trauma and anxiety. Alternatively you could take Anxiety as a topic and explain to people why they do what they do, some of the big things to look out for and some little strategies and tips that you would help them.

You could also create resources explaining why a talking therapy is good for you, what the process is like etc.

You could create pdfs around what is counselling, what’s the process and send these to welcome people into the service because it’s quite a big thing to decide that you’re going to go for counselling. You could do a little product around that.

You could also do group work in counselling, so you could take a group of people who are experiencing a similar thing and do a group therapy session. It could be an add-on to their one-to-one sessions. It also helps for people who don’t necessarily need one to one but still need some support. You could create a membership, not you would call it a membership, but almost like a support group. Meet twice a month and support each other through whatever experiences they’re dealing with.

Again, all of this is just literally off the top of my head so there’s a huge amount more.

What happens when you work with me?

I tend to find that when I start working with somebody all sorts of ideas and thoughts grow. I don’t sell you a process I’ve created, I want to hear your ideas and thoughts. I then help you to make that into something strategically fabulous and something you really love.

The other thing that people aren’t sure about is, that I might work with 10 yoga teachers or 10 counsellors. They’re all going to create the same thing so what’s the point.

I think this is one of the biggest myths in the industry so I’d like to debunk that one.

1) You are an individual so I could give a topic to 10 yoga teachers and they would all go away and their session would be different because their choice of style of yoga is different or the way that they talk about it is different.

Everybody has their own personality so 10 people, even if they all decided to create a course, we’d end up with 10 different courses because they’re created by 10 different people with 10 different backgrounds and 10 different ways of being.

2) Your client wants the service from you so when a client comes to you and says hello I’ve got this issue and I want some help they want you to help them. Even if the there’s 20 courses they’re not looking at those 20 courses, they’re coming to you and asking what are you offering, because they like your personality, your style.

3) We don’t realise how many people in the world need our services. If I was consulting for two different counsellors and they literally work across the street from each other, within the world, within UK, there’s millions of people who are suffering and struggling. There are plenty of people for both of them to be successful.

Both of those people could do the exact same thing and there’s enough people for them both to be successful. One may do things more online, one might do it more in person, one might do it more as a supportive talking therapy, one might be more direct and upfront. There’s so many different variations that it really doesn’t matter if you have everybody helping because there’s enough people who are suffering in order to make you all successful.

I hope that’s got your brain going in terms of ideas that you could implement for your business and lessened your fear in terms of ‘everybody else is doing it, why should I bother.’

If you would like my help to create recurring revenue for your business have a look at what my BiB Accelerator has to offer.

That’s it for this blog. I hope it’s helped.



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