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Marketing techniques: how to get more clients

I have a number of people asking me different marketing technique questions and/or having problems with getting more clients, so I want to tackle some of the main issues within this AMA video/blog for you. 

Marketing Techniques: How to identify your ideal client

The first point is around identifying your ideal clients. This came up in a couple of the AMA questions and with the client this week.

I think we often overthink who our ideal clients are. You get told so many times to find out who our ideal client is, or how you must know who your ideal client is. You can get forms on the internet where you fill in your ideal client persona, it ends up something like ‘sally, who’s such a height, who’s a solicitor’ those sorts of things.

For the helping professions, particularly in the therapeutic/coaching world, it can be quite difficult to decide what your ideal client is in that kind of format. It’s almost too detailed and too descriptive, so instead I like to ask a few important questions like

  • what differentiates people you like working with versus people you don’t like working with?
  • what keeps your clients awake at night?

These sorts of questions can be a lot much more helpful because they help you decide what kind of market you would like to work in.

Ultimately I think that we get far too involved in all the strategies and structures and ways to do things, we are so desperate to find the ‘right way’ and not make mistakes that we forget to have faith and trust in ourselves.

What difference do you want to make with your business and who do you want to work with, are really important questions.

If you currently have a business you are already working with and talking to people, and those people probably have certain characteristics that you like or don’t like.

So, let’s not over complicate who your ideal client is, ultimately you want to know what keeps them awake at night, and what differentiates them as a client of yours.

Don’t hold yourself back because you’re trying to create a caricature of one person and you can’t quite decide what that one person should be.

You don’t have to, you can do it in a much broader sense. I think that’s really useful from a marketing point of view as it can help you overcome the blockages that are preventing you from moving forwards.

I go through a more in-depth ideal client exercise in my book the Build it Brilliant Blueprint. If you’d like more help with this, here’s the link.

Marketing Technique: Doing things your way

The other thing that came up around the marketing techniques was doing your business your way. 

People asking me, ‘should I launch X’, ‘how do you price things’, ‘how do you package things’, ‘should I launch an online program’ etc

I can’t answer those questions for you in detail because the answers to them completely depend on your business. I think the important thing about all of those questions is to stop looking at what other people do and then coming up with your packages, prices and your approach based on that.

We end up with an entire industry of people doing the same, for the same amount of money and wondering why things don’t work.

Coaching, for example, you look out to what other people are doing and say okay well I’ll do an hourly rate of £70 an hour as a coach and then I’ll go out to people saying, ‘I’m a coach it’s £70 an hour’. You also get that in the therapy world, ‘hi, I’m an osteopath and my rate is this.’

The challenge with this is, it’s not inspiring or energising for you, you’re not allowing yourself to create something that you want in a way that you want and your messaging out to the world is the same as everyone else.

So, I urge you, and this is why I set up Build it Brilliant, and why I talk about the Blueprint in the webinars, to focus on you. Here’s some questions to get you started:

  • what you want to do?
  • what inspires you?
  • what excites you?
  • what do you get motivated by?

Then you can look at the market and say:

  • what’s missing in the market?
  • where’s the gap?
  • what kinds of things do I want to do in the world?
  • what do you want to change?
  • what you want to get involved with?

From this you might say I want to work with executive people for £2 000 a day. That’s fine there’s a market out there for everyone, and there’s a way of doing things out there for everyone too.

Instead of looking out to the world and then deciding your packages and prices, I want you to build a business that inspires you, gets you excited and helps you to create things that you want to create. 

I think from that point of view it’s easier to answer all of those questions initial questions. Should you create that online program? Well it depends

  • who your customer is,
  • what excites you,
  • what you want,
  • what you want to help change, 
  • how much money you want to make,
  • how many hours a week you want to work etc

There are so many questions that are more about you finding out what’s important to you.

Once you have a clear picture on this you can price things, package things, create things and it all becomes a lot easier.

How to implement this into your business

I hope that’s helped release some of the pressure and blocks which have been holding you back and helped you to settle more into your business to allow yourself to explore what you want to do, not looking at what’s the latest marketing technique to help you get more clients.

You get more clients when you find the sweet spot between, what inspires you, what the marketing is looking for and what matches the business you want to build.

If you would like help finding this sweet spot for your own business I have now written the Blueprint into a book, you can now buy a copy and work through the exercises at your own pace.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this AMA and its answered lots of marketing questions rather than just a couple of the big ones. 

Until next time


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